Messages for birthday greetings, happy anniversary greetings, messages for good night for the morning, for friendship and more!
This is the application for you: a container for messages that might be yours.
On the web there are many phrases for every occasion, we had the responsibility to collect, select and put them at your disposal so you can easily send a text message, an e-mail or share them on social networks.
Sorry if they are few. Coming soon for other categories (Easter, Christmas, New Year, greetings for the end of the school).
At this moment there are 6 categories of wishes: Love anniversary, I love you, Friendship, Happy birthday, Good morning my love and Good night my love!
Of course, these phrases may be the basis for writing you ... be a bit poetic ... :)
It will be very fun to send messages, we assure you! You won't send the same message to all your contacts.
Choose the category of sentences, choose the sentence that you like best, send it using sms, e-mail, post it on facebook, twitter, whats app. Of course you can also modify it before you share it.
What's more? Have fun and stay tuned! We will add other categories and not lose sight of the most important holidays (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, and so on).
You can also send us your sentences. Within the application you can find a link to the form to fill.
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Depending on the version of Android you have, when you share the text on social networks (eg on Facebook) may not appear the phrase you have chosen.
Don't lose heart, you can still share it.
Click on send, and open the sharing window that also contains the "Copy to Clipboard". Click on it. If you don't see this button there will be a note editor to copy the text.
At this point the phrase of your choice will be in the memory of your phone.
Click again on submit, choose the social network where you have to share the sentence in the text box to hold the button down and you will see "paste". Click on paste and you're done (the latter explanation for the less experienced :))!!! Of course you can always use this method in case of problems.
We hope that you don't have

Some Greetings

Merry Christmas

1. The sweetness of Christmas, for your heart is a source of sincere good to be disclosed in every soul you meet, intent that each of us should have to turn to the lives of others every day. Greetings

2. On Christmas night, anything can happen: the dreams come true and take shape and begin to dance barefoot on the cold white snow. desires smile, live with hope and play happily together. Just because Christmas is magical. Greetings

3. If you live Christmas take the first step: Forgive those who have wronged you. Forgive those who made ​​you suffer so much. Greetings

4. Christmas is an occasion to remember the birth of the Lord, it is not an occasion to revive the wealth to the already wealthy gentlemen. My humble hope will enrich your heart. Merry Christmas

5. A few days before Christmas, memories and emotions are intertwined in my mind and making their way to a desire for infinite wishes of peace, serenity, selflessness and forgiveness. Merry Christmas

Happy new Year

1. Like every year, I sincerely hope that all your dreams come true. Best wishes for the New Year bring you joy, smiles and serenity! Happy New Year

2. In every bubble of your toast, there are all my sparkling, playful, light and affectionate wishes. Happy new year

3. The old year and the new year are going to say goodbye and I want you to have everything you want .... with affection, BEST WISHES!

4. We wish you so much optimism and imagination to think that 2014 will be better than 2013. Greetings!

5. I hope in a good 2014. If it will be good or bad you don't know, I just hope it leaves us time to enjoy all that it takes us. Happy New Year

Happy Birthday

1. Today is your birthday and I can’t forget it, it uses your birthday and it's been a year. Smile, sing and dance and I'll always be here to give you a pat on the back. Open gifts in joy ... and happy birthday my friend!

2. Best wishes for a happy birthday and long life to the best friend a person can have. Let us raise our glasses and make a special toast to a wonderful person

3. Greetings my friend, I hope this day is the longest and happiest of the days gone by, and that this happiness will persist even in the days to come! Happy Birthday!

4. For your birthday I wanted to give you a gift so beautiful and so great that I was not able to pack it ... So just be content of Happy Birthday!!

5. After many birthdays now there is nothing left to wish you and give you ... and don't worry, we'll help you to blow out the candles if you cannot had to do it alone. Happy Birthday!

I Love You

1. I understand that nothing is like your love and I would not trade your smile, your kiss, your thought for anything else in the world!

2. I love you even if sometimes you make me angry, I love you even when you don't tell me what I want to hear ... I would love you even if we didn't eat anything ... I love you and nothing else

3. My darling, you are the most beautiful emotion to live during the day and the most beautiful dream to do during the night. I love you so much

4. With ups and downs, obstacles, fears, promises, those who are destined to be together they will find themselves forever ... just like us love!

5. My heart, my star, my way, but, more importantly, my life, has only one name, yours! I love you!

Goodnight my Love

1. Every night I look at a star, night after night it becomes more beautiful, it joins with the angels. together they sing in chorus and watch over thee, to wish you sweet dreams.

2. I would like to be the last thought that fades in your mind before going to sleep to lead you gently into the world of dreams ... good night

3. You are my first thought in the morning when I wake up, and my first dream the night when I fall asleep. Good night.

4. In the world of dreams where imagination leads you away, there you find my voice screaming I love you! Good night!

5. I wait every night to fall asleep to fly in a dream, come to you and live our beautiful fairy tale. good night

Send us some phrases. We will add them to our database and into the application.

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